Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Looking For Some Good Books?

Just released is a great list of books to enjoy via the New York Public Library. Definitely worth a visit!

from the site. . .

This has been another outstanding year in the world of children’s book publishing. Authors and illustrators, both veteran and novice, enchanted children with a breathtaking diversity of fantastic tales. A group of librarians from The New York Public Library read more than a thousand titles this year, shared countless stories with the children who visit their branches, and compiled this list of the very best children's books for toddlers through sixth graders. Consider it a snapshot of titles NYPL’s librarians thought book lovers of all ages might like to know.
Readers will find plenty of variety in this list—from stories that reveal feats of bravery to quests for justice and redemption to friendships lost and found. Many of the stories are centered on classic themes that never grow old. In the pages of these books, heroes and heroines find ways to slay dragons, right wrongs, and prevail against all odds. They offer reassurance and inspiration in a world that can sometimes seem strange and dangerous.

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