Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Olympics Aren't Over! They Have Just Started!

The 1st grade Reading Olympics start this week!  It will extend through Tuesday, April 1st.  We will celebrate the 1st graders' reading achievements on the afternoon of April 1st.

The purpose of the Reading Olympics is three-fold:  to encourage children to read for pleasure, to increase reading fluency, and to help children learn to select books for themselves to read that are "just right" for their interests and abilities.

Each book that a child reads will "count" when returned with a filled out "star" that has been initialed by a parent.  For each star returned to the classroom, we will put up one star on our “Reading Olympics” bulletin board at the library entrance.  Each child is encouraged to read at least 10 books independently during the four-week period.   For children who are reading longer chapter books, 25 pages equal one star.

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