Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Book Lovin' 5th Graders

5th graders from all three classes have leaped into creating their Book Love Projects.  A few weeks ago I issued them this invitation-

Dear 5th Grader Reader,

I have a special invitation for you.  I would love your help in creating the coolest display of “Books We Love” ever!  Since you have a great understanding of what kind of books kids might love, I want you to share your knowledge and love of one book/author/series that you would like to promote to our OES Lower School Community.  We will have a gallery display of your class’ creativity.

Here are the juicy details.

  1. Pick a book, series or author you have loved during your time in Lower School.  It can be a picture book, a chapter book, non-fiction or graphic novel.  Make sure it is appropriate for a large audience of parents and younger students.
  2. Think of how you can represent the book/author/series.  BE CREATIVE.  Think outside the box, but also think of how to best represent the book.  We will talk about possible ideas during class time.
  3. Let me know your choice and how you plan to represent it.
  4. Get me a list of what you will need to create your representation.  Technology?  Paper?  Markers?  Yarn?  Clay?
  5. Create!

Let me know your questions and concerns either in person or via

In the spirit of reading,

Mrs. Ingham

Here are a few photos of Ms. William's class in full creating mode. We will be sharing the projects during the first part of June with the whole Lower School community.

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